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(available June 1, 2016)

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If you read the tourist brochures, Egypt is all about pharaohs and pyramids.
If you watch the evening news, it’s full of conflict and extremism.
Neither could be further from the truth

For three months, adventure filmmaker and author Karin Muller traveled alone throughout Egypt – living with Cairo’s garbage collectors, drinking tea with camel sellers, and fasting through the blistering heat of Islam’s Holy Month. Muller survived the revolution in Tahrir Square and subsequent military coup, only to be attacked by a mob in a remote village in the Nile delta.  Seriously injured, she was medevacked back to the States for emergency surgery.  EGYPT BEYOND THE PYRAMIDS reveals the many faces of this complicated land, where a fundamentally kind and generous people struggle to emerge from six decades of brutal dictatorship, fear, and propaganda.











































Teachers, educators, students, and parents!


We're NOT going to offer you the standard PBS educational package where your students passively watch a documentary and then answer questions.


We're doing something no other broadcast documentary producers have ever done before. We're giving your students the footage used to create this series and showing them how to make their own mini-documentaries.


Our goal? To help you teach your students to think critically, develop real-world problem solving skills, collaborate, argue persuasively, and ultimately to become true global citizens.


But don't tell them that. They'll just be excited by the chance to be the next Ken Burns - and while they're making their movies, they'll not only be mastering a whole new set of skills, but they'll be learning to care about the world.



How does it work?

If you just want to try it and see how it works, we've put a simplified version online. Go to our free Sudan's Secret Side Educational Website and create your own mini-documentaries using our footage and optional narration.

If you want more in-depth footage and curricula, go to Take 2 and check out our materials. We'll send you a DVD with several hours of broadcast-quality footage and a complete curriculum that conforms to national standards. Students use free iMovie or MovieMaker software to create short documentaries or public service announcements.  How-to videos, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, assessment rubrics, and other activities lead students step-by step through the process of researching their topic, critically analyzing issues, and creating logical and persuasive arguments.  Upon completion of their documentaries, students learn leadership and public speaking skills by presenting their projects to classmates or to the general public.


Our curriculum is flexible and can be completed in as little as 5-7 classroom periods or over the course of several months.

Here are some of the topics that your students can work on:

Women and Education, Displacement, Humanitarian Aid, Medicine in North Africa, Surviving Genocide, as well as Politics and War, the black market, socialism, various aspects of Cuban life, and a variety of Environmental issues (Global Warming, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, California Water, Overfishing, The Water Cycle, and Recycling.


The licensing fee is $50-$95 per classroom per year.


If you want to find out more, check out our website:


It has sample footage and curriculum, detailed descriptions of the topics we offer, and contact information if you have any questions.

Karin Muller
Producer, Egypt Beyond the Pyramids

Take 2: The Student’s Point of View

Take2 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.